I was interviewed briefly on PlayStation underground along with a number of others. Shoutout to Cool Moves and Gary Barth.

@5:43 - Chris Nelson Clip for Dragon Seeds Game

@9:20 - Chris Nelson Clip for S.C.A.R.S. Game 

While Working for Sony Computer Entertainment, I wrote an essay that eventually became this advertisement.

I can't prove it because of the written submission method being anonymous, and being excluded from the production because of it. But I can tell you details that even the filming crew doesn't know or get, and the Easter eggs I specifically hid in my essay to clue myself and others in on this actually being my work.

Shoutout to the team that made this awesome bit of game history into a branding campaign advertisement.

Shoutout to my Former Roomie Jay Turner and his Wife Tory, Jay knows why.

I was a pirate in this short film written and directed by Comedian Erikka Innes, involving a few notable names from the Bay Area & LA Entertainment Scene.

I made everything in this video except the basic hand object.

I made the music sound track entirely with MTV music generator audio riffs.

Earliest concepts for my Daughter of Sunder story setting were, in a word, crude.