Avatarii: Birth of a Fandom

A documentary about the Avatar Fandom, with a focus on people learning the Na'vi language from the 1st movie. Click the playlist icon to see other videos.

The Genesis of the Documentary.

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This Documentary tells the story of a burgeoning fandom centered on Avatar.

Fandom (consisting of fan [fanatic] plus the suffix -dom, as in domain) is a term used to refer to a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest.

A fandom is a social activity, gathering people of a common interest to share their experiences with other people.

Avatarii - An Avatar franchise fan.

  Avatarii is a derived name, { Avatar-i-i }, made from the title [Avatar] consisting of the titular movie protagonist, and the concepts that inspired it. Also, formed of the Adjectival suffix [-i]1 forming an adjective of the name Avatar. Also, formed of the Adjectival suffix [-i]2 Forming a plural, meaning many. The name Avatarii was suggested by a prominent member of and administrator for the learnnavi.org community name Mark Miller, and was voted as the preferred term for the collection of fans. Its proliferation is very light, but some fans have used it over the years.

In December of 2009, the Movie AVATAR hit theaters and blew the collective minds of many people internationally. As of the most recent data on Box Office Mojo, It made over $2.9 Billion Worldwide Gross ticket sales, and was a critical and box office success.

The movie had inspired a fan community online, and fans flocked to various fan created websites to share their respective interests.




By early 2010, there were several people already buzzing about multiple viewings, and learning the constructed language of the Na'vi characters from the movie. All of this culminating in the first in person gatherings of fans.

There had been several impromptu meet ups, and gatherings of fans, and a very large and enthusiastic interest in the constructed language of Na'vi. All of which, culminating in a large gathering of fans to watch the re-release extended version in August of 2010, and to meet with Paul R. Frommer Ph. D. - the language creator from the movie Avatar - in October.

A website blog run by Paul Frommer PHD was started to publicly post updates to the Language of Na'vi for all fans of the language. This has since become the 1st page of the Na'vi language, with learnnavi.org becoming a community portal for interested people to practice or contribute anonymously.

Na'viteri - http://naviteri.org/

The first Avatar Conventions - Avatar Meet

Convention Website - http://avatarmeet.com/

In 2011, the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle, WA, USA opened a Sci-Fi exhibit that had many items on display focused on the movie Avatar. The community fans met there on several occasions during June and July of 2011.

Every year since, there have been regular meetups under the Avatar Meet banner.

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